So I caught this link on one of my various fossil news feeds that I have and, at first, I was really excited about this. It is a really excellent and unprecedented treasure of mammal evolution that we will certainly gain a great amount of insight from.

Then I got to thinking about the fossil record for whale evolution and how well represented the transition is from terrestrial, to aquatic, to modern. That is when I thought, fuck them. I mean, these fossils date to about the time our ancestors became bipedal. Is it so hard to ask that an Ardipithecus ramidus and some other bipedal relative choke each other to death near a lake-shore, both collapsing simultaneously, and thereafter be covered in a thick layer of easily dated volcanic ash? I would even settle for other volcanic ash to have killed and preserved a gathering of tool-clutching Homo habilis and Paranthropus boisei as they drank from a finely silted (hair outline preserving) secure watering location 2 mya or so. Is that so difficult?

15 whales in 15 days…. give me a break. Screw you whale guys.

*Actually quite happy for them, just jealous.